Ever since the beginning of time, the Primaeval was here, an evil far more sinister than we dare imagine and far more powerful than we can think of. Yet it is imprisoned beyond the strands of time and space, controlled by the gate within the Ancient Pyramid.

Built by the Ancients long ago, it stood in its place long before Lonaelon was created as a nation and long before the Custodians were established. Some speculate it was here even before Lonaelon as an island was raised from the ocean's depths. But as soon as they found out about its purpose - which is to prevent the Primaeval from escaping the time-space prison - they made it their first directive to never allow it to be destroyed or broken. And this stood for millenia.

But today, a warning spell was set off, meaning that someone - or something - managed to break into the pyramid. You, Sunspear, are now tasked by the World Custodians to find this intruder and prevent him or her from inflicting any damage on the pyramid and - if necessary - do whatever it takes to stop that intruder from releasing the Primaeval.

Click this button to choose your Custodian abilities.

Strict Mode (In Strict Mode, the game will not show you options that require a skill you do not have. In non-strict mode, these options will be greyed out but you can still cheat and access them. You can switch modes at any time.)