The Primaeval Threat

You are the warrioress Sunspear, one of the last of the World Custodians, an elite order of selfless monks devoted to the protection of the world from all threats. And what a tiring task that is!

Unbeknownst to many, the wolrd of Lonaelon is constantly under attack from evil forces. Last decade only, there was the Black Demon, the Army That Never Sleeps and, most horribly, the Zzzxyasquesdetl. Yet people at large are unaware of this because the World Custodians are always working, in secret, to save the innocent from their doom.

But the ranks of the Custodians are drawing thin as men are unwilling to sacrifice their normal lives for the tiresome, dangerous and unrewarding path of the Custodian. Your order is dying, but it is now that you would need most help. Because an evil greater than any you've battled before is about to return.

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Strict Mode (In Strict Mode, the game will not show you options that require a skill you do not have. In non-strict mode, these options will be greyed out but you can still cheat and access them. You can switch modes at any time.)