Existential Risk Prevention Authority

Existential Risk Prevention Authority is a strategy game developed for the GameJolt DreamHack game jam 2017.

In October 2017, a nuclear terrorist attack forces the world’s nations to wake up and join forces to prevent any possible threats to the extinction of humankind. You are placed in charged of the UN’s new Existential Risk Prevention Authority. Your mandate, supported worldwide, is to identify ways in which humanity as a whole can be destroyed and to ensure that such destruction will not come to pass. That in itself would be a herculean task, but as the emotions from the nuclear attack calm down, you will soon discover that the world’s „unconditional support“ for your mission is not as unconditional as it might seem.

Can you save the world from a nuclear apocalypse, an asteroid apocalypse or a pandemic apocalypse? And from all three at the same time?

The game is programmed in C#/MonoGame.

The game was developed over the course of a single weekend for the DreamHack game jam competition.

The game was created at the age of 24, in 2017.


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