Streamstep (or Potokrok in Czech) is my second 3D game. The player receives quests from townsfolk in the village of Streamstep and battle monster outside and in a single dungeon – the abandoned temple. The player may also buy potions and level up skills.

I improved upon my graphical engine in many ways, which allowed me to have large levels with a heightmap. It was still pretty primitive even by standards of the time. The game was programmed in C# using the XNA 4.0 framework.

I created the game at the age of 19, in 2012.

Download (Setup EXE, 17 MB):


  • Level up your character
  • Voiced dialogues in English
  • Several quests that allow you to gain gold and experience
  • Riddle chests that open only if you answer the questions correctly


The fire monster has long been eating fishes from the river Streamstep is built over. Will you help the fisherman to defeat it, or will you instead plunder the Abandoned temple for a sacred chalice?

Gameplay trailer:

Selected feedback from the in-game form:

  • Great idea!!!!! This game is really fun and charming. I would love to play the full version. Love the game. Great work.
  • This game is great, i would like to see some melee weapons in here though,but one of the best freeware games i have played in a long time.
  • Silver chalice stays pn inventory evan after returning it to city hall and getting reward
  • nemoem si tu stavt budovy!!!!!! („I can’t build buildings here!“ in Czech)
  • As a small games developer myself I can say with a bit of work this title could be a really cool first person r.p.g. title.
  • ammo ammo ammo ammo
  • Will you ever make Streamstep into a full-length game?  I must admit I\’m addicted!

No, I will not make Streamstep into a full game.

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