Quest for the Golden Candelabra

Quest for the Golden Candelabra is a 2D turn-based tactics game based on the rules of PF2E, the second edition of a powerful tabletop OGL ruleset. You lead a group of four colorful characters through a series of encounters, fighting against monsters, acquiring loot and eventually — hopefully — recovering the ancient artifact that’s the object of your quest. For an experienced player of tabletop roleplaying games, the entire game takes about 40 minutes to play through, from beginning to end. It my only game to be published on Steam.

I made this game in C# using MonoGame, an evolution of the XNA 4.0 framework. I got the inspiration from it after a bunch of attention came to the Open Game License at the beginning of 2023, and as I and my friends started playing a tabletop RPG campaign that used the same ruleset. And I thought, well, this might be the game worthy enough of putting on Steam, which I wanted to do for seven years by that point. And I managed it.

The game was created in 2023.


  • Five difficult encounters in varied locations against varied monsters
  • Four interesting characters to play as (an honorable orc fighter, a silent rogue, a well-spoken sorcerer, and an excitable cleric)
  • A complex OGL-based rule system which makes for strong strategic gameplay




Dawnsbury has always been a peaceful town, in part due to the protective power of the Golden
Candelabra, an artifact wrought by Archibald Dawnbringer himself. This powerful item has
empowered the citizens of Dawnsbury for centuries and made it easy to resist the dangers of the

But ever since the Night of the Shooting Stars seven years ago, this calm has been in peril.

When the stars fell and demonic monsters emerged from them on the other side of the world,
warriors from across the landers were summoned to fight in the war, and while these armies have
kept the invaders at bay so far, the lack of fighting men allowed lesser horrors to encroach upon
towns far from the front, including the once peaceful Dawnsbury.

In a sudden attack, orcs and kobolds have spilled out from their hideouts and took control of the
mountainside Dawnsbury Temple, and with this, the power of the Candelabra winked out, and the
town started to lose hope. Kobolds have begun raiding routes to and from, and it felt like the town
might not survive for long.

But four loyal friends, proud of their hometown and eager for adventure, would not let this happen.
They named themselves the Dawnsbury Four and under the training of the village elder Roderick,
they trained to become true adventurers.

Now, after years of preparation, they’re finally ready for their first quest, which is nothing less than to
recover the Golden Candelabra and with it, to bring hope back to Dawnsbury

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