Dawnsbury Days

Dawnsbury Days is a turn-based tactics game with CRPG elements that’s based on the rules of PF2E, the second edition of a powerful tabletop OGL ruleset.

It is a sequel to Quest for the Golden Candelabra.

You play as the Dawnsbury Four, a group of four young heroes from a small town. You choose their class, feats, spells and other abilities as you lead them through 4 character levels and 20 combat encounters on a quest to save their home town from a multitude of dangers. You will fight monsters and face dangers, but you will also make friends, acquire loot and level up, and eventually — hopefully — you will defeat whatever sinister force is behind all the dangers that have beset Dawnsbury for the last seven years.

The main adventure path can take about 4 hours for a single playthrough, but you can then replay it with different party compositions and besides the main adventure path, you can also try and defeat some of the powerful foes in additional scenarios in free encounter mode.

It is my second game to be published on Steam, and my first commercial game.

I made this game in C# using MonoGame, an evolution of the XNA 4.0 framework. I started working on it after the previous game, Quest for the Golden Candelabra, achieved success a very positive review rating on Steam. The game was created in 2023/2024. I funded the art and voice acting via a Patreon.


  • A complex OGL-based rule system which makes for strong strategic gameplay
  • 12 classes, from the Fighter to the Wizard to the Kineticist, each with different play patterns
  • 110+ feats and 70+ spells to further customize your characters
  • 20+ encounters in the main story-driven adventure path, and 10+ additional scenarios in free encounter mode
  • Character level cap is 4.
  • A story of childhood friends braving their first serious challenges in adventuring
  • Support for custom maps, encounters and portraits
  • Support for custom mods to add new ancestries, feats, rules and more



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