This is my new website!

Welcome to my new website!

The company that hosted my previous website decided to cancel its freehosting plan. Their paid plans are poor and expensive so I’m now hosting my website myself. I even bought a domain name! 🙂 I wanted to put a notice on my old site that I’m moving but it seems the company blocked FTP access already so I cannot access the data. I think they have some file permission issues on their server because even browsing my old webpages directly causes 403 errors.

I don’t want to link to them from here (because that would increase their PageRank), but make sure not to host your web presentations on  🙂

You may notice some changes from before:

  • More games added (God, who is hated 2; Princess Civilization; Advanced Minesweeper)
  • My writing added
  • Sky Photography added
  • Many texts expanded


Bursts of light from a setting sun in front of a torn sky.
To see more pictures like this, look at „Sky Photography“ in the menu.

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