I wrote a fantasy story in 2009. In length, it is somewhere between a short story and a novel. It has 129 pages, is written in English and tells of the adventures of a group of courageous heroes in a fantasy/sci-fi setting.

The book is not something you’d call a great work of literature. I made a video game based on the setting explored in this book, and I made a second, much better book, also in the same world.


Download (PDF, 1 MB):

Back cover:

Welcome to a world where magic and science play equal roles. A world where the laws of physics interact with the laws of structured magic. A world where a handful of heroes must battle to preserve the humanity… and other friendly races.

This world lived long under the guidance of a far more advanced race known as the Haedralines and even when they departed into deep space, the human kingdoms lived in peace and flourished.

Yet there are still those who would deny to others the right to live in order to appease their own hunger for power. The Wizard Dead, dormant in his mountain for five thousand years, awakes to try to dominate the world once more.

But this time, there will be no Haedralines to stop him.

This time, Man will have to fend for himself.

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