Everwinter, the Pony City-Building Strategy is a Caesar-like city-building strategy game created for the Christmas Typhoon 4-day programming contest. This is a fangame.

Everwinter is a Windows-only pony city-building strategy. As you progress through the campaign, in each level, you build different structures on a 2D map – houses (e.g. Earth Pony Residence, Pegasus Cloudhouse) and production and utility buildings (e.g. Sawmill, Theatre). Your goals vary but usually you need to build up a sufficiently large self-sufficient city occupied by a certain number of earth, unicorn and pegasus ponies as each production building can only be worked by a certain race. You also need to upgrade their housings and not meeting the ponies’ requirements will cause them to emigrate (and leave a spot on your colonization report to Princess).

There is a simple overarching storyline that deals with the colonization of a new continent of never-ending winter. There are also free modes where you can build up a city without objective restrictions. A tutorial is built in.

The game is made in C#, using the XNA framework.

I created the game at the age of 20, in 2012.

Download (Setup EXE, 8 MB):


  • 7 levels in a story-driven campaign
  • Over 10 different buildings, many of which can be upgraded
  • Manage the economy and happiness of your citizens


A new continent of never-ending winter is discovered near Equestria. As a princess, your task is to direct the colonization of this new land. Maybe the magical springs of harmony that are dotted across the continent could help.

But the climate is harsh. Take care that your ponies don’t emigrate because of cold!

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