Magic: The Gathering Judge

I became a Magic: The Gathering certified judge in 2010. Then, in 2012, I passed my Level 2 exam in Ostrava with a 98% score (that’s pretty good). I have since stopped judging actively and thus have lost my certification.

Magic: The Gathering is a trading card game. Tournaments take place every week at many locations across the Czech Republic and the world. The number of cards in the game is already greater than 12,000 and the comprehensive rules are over a hundred pages long.

It is said that people who like Magic: The Gathering but aren’t good at playing the game, judge the game. That is very much true about me :-).

If you are interested in becoming a judge and live in the Czech Republic, you may contact me at

    • The judge shirt is given to judges either on Grand Prix’s or by regional coordinators. You can’t order a judge shirt if you’re not a judge, but a judge can contact their regional coordinator to get a judge shirt.

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