Time Travel Research Facility 2

Time Travel Research Facility 2 was the second game I programmed in Flash. It’s a reboot of my previous game, Time Travel Research Facility. Like that game, it is a platformer involving time travel. The story is much more involved this time around and provides rich backstory to the history of the Time Travel Research Facility and the player discovers the nature of the current crisis bit by bit. The game also has better graphics, user interface and various other improvements. The game was programmed in Flash/ActionScript 3. I created the game at the age of 19, in 2012.

Daniel waits for the energy sphere to pass.

Play online:


  • 5 levels
  • epic story telling of a dimension war
  • rewind time or slow it down
  • throw time grenade to send your foes into the future
  • story bubbles

Story: Daniel Novodnan is a researcher at the Time Travel Research Facility, a secret government base in the Czech republic. Recently, he gained some fame by creating the Dimension Sink, a device capable of making a permanent knot across dimensions. Daniel intended to do only good, and Dimension Sink was protected by the most strict security measures. Still, somehow, the extradimensionals crossed it and entered the facility, triggering the self-destruction mechanism. Could this happen by accident? Or did perhaps Eduard Zrádný, the lead researcher, play a role? Previous game: This is a reboot of a previous game of mine, Time Travel Research Facility. Play on my website:

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