Star Swirl’s Pony Adventure

Star Swirl’s Parser-Based Pony Adventure is a text adventure game created for the My Little Game Jam 48-hour game programming contest. This is a fan game. The game placed 10th out of 38.

This is Windows parser-based interactive fiction. This means that there are no graphics to speak of – that takes place in your imagination. Instead, surroundings and events are described and you interact with the world by typing commands. But do not worry: It is not as difficult as old school games are. There is a suggestion system that will help find the commands you need and the game is set up in a way that you cannot truly lose.

The story itself is about the journey of Star Swirl to the depths. He encountes obstacles (locked doors, mostly), other ponies (Clover the Clever and Twilight and her friends). Most rooms usually have some sort of puzzle you must overcome, for example, figure out a combination to open the door and find a proper item or spell. In the end, you will choose one of four different fates of Equestria.

Is is programmed in C# using the XNA framework.

I created the game at the age of 19, in 2012.

Download (Setup EXE, 7MB):


  • Old-school text adventure
  • Hints of usable commands
  • Interaction with canon storyline


Few ponies know that when Discord was liberated during the Return of Harmony, his strength swelled across the timeline and it’s during the time of founding of Equestria that the true battle takes place. As Star Swirl the Bearded, you must explore the mines under future-day Canterlot to find an artifact that will grant you the power to choose and change the face of Equestria foreveeer!

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