My accomplishments

This page is an almost comprehensive list of my formal (quantifiable) accomplishments. I think that only perhaps some athletic achievements are not listed.

Formal Education

Language Exams

  • 2016 – Japanese, level N5 (roughly equivalent of A1-A2)
  • 2012 – French, level C1, a special maturita exam certifying a level of C1 of the European Common Framework of Reference for Languages
  • 2011 – English, level C2, Cambridge CAE exam, grade A (level C2 of the European Common Framework of Reference for Languages)

High school competitions

  • English (personal best: 2nd place in regional round, 2008)
  • Programming (personal best: 1st place in national round, 2012)
  • Math (personal best: 7th place in regional round, 2008)
  • Physics (personal best: 2nd place in regional round, 2011)
  • Czech (personal best: 1st place in district round, 2008)

General programming contests


Stack Exchange

profile for Petr Hudeček on Stack Exchange, a network of free, community-driven Q&A sites

Project Leadership

  • 2015 – SkautQA. I created a question-and-answer website for scout leaders at Its creation was preceded by long dialogues and negotiations with Scouting leadership in the Czech Republic. The website is now abandoned, but the Facebook group SkautFórum could be said to be its spiritual successor.
  • 2015 – List of Official Rulings. I started the project List of Official Rulings for Magic: The Gathering judges. In this project, I led a team that went through the last four years’ worth of discussion on judge forums and summarized all rulings given by high-level judges in a single page.
  • 2014 – French MLP Wikia. I launched the French version of Wikia for My Little Pony at Together with Drake, we managed to put a lot of content on the web, most notably French lyrics for all songs of the series. I no longer edit the website actively, but other editors keep adding new content.
  • 2009 – Unofficial Four Elements Contest. When it turned out that the server will not host the Four Elements contest for the seventh time, I decided to make it my self. The Four Element contest is a 6-month programming competition where programmers must develop a full game that contains four specified features/elements. Five competitors submitted a complete game. There was an elaborate voting system where community submitted a lot of feedback to the five games. The server was updated several times since 2009 and the old threads are no longer accessible, unfortunately.


  • 2015 – KolejCup 2015, 3rd place, team competition; to win, the team must be fast and answer questions from the domains of mathematics, physics and computer science
  • 2014 – KolejCup 2014, 2nd place
  • 2013 – KolejCup 2013, 1st place, Freshmen category
  • 2012 – Magic: The Gathering Judge, level 2
  • 2010 – Magic: The Gathering Judge, level 1

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