God, who is hated

GwiH_1God, who is hated was the very first complete game I have created. It’s an original 2D game where the player, as a god represented by a sun, sends meteors and thunderbolts at trucks on the ground and buys upgrades to survive. It is programmed in the tool Peter by Miroslav Němeček. The game scored eighteenth in the Four Elements V contest by Gamedev.net.

The rules of the contest specified that four elements had to be included: Europe, Economics, Emblem and Emotion. I implemented them by setting the game across various european states (with the Czech and Slovak republics having a primary role, of course), by having the player buy special powers (economics), having the humans display the symbol of the Anti-God Organization prominently (emblem) and by attempting to make the player laugh from the funny story (emotion).

This game was created at the age of 14, in 2006.

Download (ZIP, 3 MB):


  • 6 levels in a story-driven campaign
  • 5 different godly powers
  • Funny accompanying flavor text


You wish to rule forcefully over all mankind but these pathetic humans just can’t cease to hate you. They’ve even started building special towers and supply them with energy in order to destroy you. You can’t let that happen! Smite the towers before they destroy you and beware you sidekick Toucannade – he could be working for the humans!

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