Seven Crystals of Power

Seven Crystals of Power was the second complete game from me. It’s a 2D game that copies the gameplay of Medieval Clash – the player and an artificial intelligence gain gold over time which they use to send fighters against each other in a single line. When two fighters meet, one destroys the other (based on who has more hit points).

My game innovated upon the original Medieval Clash by having two lines of combat: ground combat and aerial combat. It also had a large number of units and spells the player could use.

It is the last game I programmed in the tool Peter by Miroslav Němeček. The game placed second in the Four Elements VI contest! The rules of the contest specified four elements to be used by each entry: explosions, ponies, accountants and crystals. Each game had to use at least three of them and I chose not to include accountants.

The game was created at the age of 15, in 2008.

Download (Setup EXE, 20 MB):


  • 19 levels in a story-driven campaign
  • 5 different spells
  • Over 10 unique units


When a major spell of the Grey Wizards failed and resulted in a catastrophic explosion that destroyed vast areas of human lands, as an apology, they gave ponies – the favored mounts of humans – the ability to be more stronger and more intelligent. This global enhancement spell was stored in seven crystals of power seeded across the continent. But years later, when an orc army reaches the lands, the human prince has no choice but to embark on a quest to gather all the crystals again because he must use their power to banish the orcs, even if it means that ponies would lose their intelligence.

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