List of videogames I created

My largest published video games, and games that I’m the most proud of, are the following. Each took many months to complete:

Dawnsbury Days
Turn-based fantasy tactics game with cRPG elements. Uses rules of PF2E. My first commercial game.

Quest for the Golden Candelabra
Turn-based fantasy tactics game. Uses rules of PF2E. Inspired by Solasta.

Sacculus: The Wargame
Turn-based fantasy strategy game. Inspired by Spellcross.

Princess Civilization
A 4X Civilization-like My Little Pony-themed strategy game. Inspired by Civilization V.

omegaGo (2017)
A client for the board game Go.

The following games are complete and took weeks or months of work:

Streamstep (2012)
Technical demo of a 3D RPG game. Inspired by Might and Magic VI.

Najdi cestu ven! (2020)
Technical demo of an escape-the-room game. Available for Windows and Android. In Czech only, from a Scouting environment. Inspired by 999.

Heart Horror (2017)
A bullet hell game.

Time Travel Research Facility 2 (2012)
Platformer flash game with time travel and time dilation. Can be played online.

Oracion Online (2016)
Multiplayer collectible card game.

The Deadlock Empire (2016)
A programming puzzle game about parallelism. Winner of the hackCambridge hackathon.

Primaeval Threat (2013)
Choose-your-own-adventure online gamebook. There is a pony version and a normal version.

Ideální skautík (Czech) (2011)
3D shooter with themes from scouting.

Time Travel Research Facility (2012)
Older variant of my platformer flash game.

Seven Crystals of Power (2008)
Medieval-Clash gameplay clone.

God, who is hated (2006)
Original arcade game. My first game ever.

God, who is hated 2 (2012)
Improvement over my first game, made 6 years later.

The following games are complete but are small and were made in less than a week, usually for a game jam:

Contact tracing video game (2020)
Turn-based simulation game made to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

Paladin Rescue Team (2019)
Real-time strategy game. Inspired by the Emergency series.

Existential Risk Prevention Authority (2017)
Turn-based strategy game.

Everwinter, the pony city-building strategy (2012)
City-building game made for a My Little Pony game jam.

Fluttershy’s Hearthswarming
Text adventure game made for the Christmas of 2015.
Star Swirl’s Parser-Based Pony
Text adventure game made for a My Little Pony game jam.

Advanced Minesweeper (2011)
Minesweeper with special abilities.

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