Time Travel Research Facility

Time Travel Research Facility was the first game I programmed in Flash. It’s a platformer with the twist that the player can rewind or slow down time in order to pass puzzles and battle enemies.

The story involves escaping from a secret government facility and the obstacles to overcome are extradimensional monsters and automated defense systems.

The game was programmed in Flash/ActionScript 3. I also made a reboot of this game called Time Travel Research Facility 2 – I recommend you play that once instead.

I created the game at the age of 19, in 2012.

Play online:


  • 3 levels
  • story bubbles
  • rewind time or slow it down


Scientists played with dimension walking down on Level 4 in the Time Travel Research Facility. But the containment was broken and extradimensional creatures now roam the base. You must escape before the thermal sterilization occurs.

The reboot has a better story.

Play on my website:
To stop the music and the game, refresh this page by pressing F5 or Ctrl+R.
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