Princess Civilization

Princess Civilization is a 4X strategy game set in the My Little Pony universe. As Princess Twilight, the player controls several towns and gains more during play. The player progresses through a very long campaign separated in chapters building buildings, cultivating tiles, hosting festivals and exploring the surroundings. Also, friendship problems are built in that the player must resolve. Quests help move the player in the right direction. This is a fangame.

I made this game in C# using XNA 4.0 framework. I got the idea the night after watching the final episode of the third season of the show, Magical Mystery Cure, and wanted to do it as a tribute and because the final episode was so inspiring.

The game was created at the age of 20, in 2013.

Download (Setup EXE, 60 MB):

Cinematic trailer:


  • Turn-based strategy game
  • Meet old friends and new enemies
  • About 20 voiced quests
  • Large map of Equestria including 10 towns
  • Video cinematics
  • Average playthrough takes about 2 hours


When you were crowned as a Princess, the town of Ponyville was placed in your care. You are expected to help it grow both in population and in friendship and in time, you should acquire new towns and govern them as well. Grow to be the best princess Equestria has ever seen.

And know that Princess Luna has disappeared and a draconequus army invades Equestria. You must invent a method to defeat them before all is lost!

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