Paladin Rescue Team

Paladin Rescue Team is a short real-time strategy game. You play the role of a group of paladins who fight monsters, rescue the wounded and extinguish fires. It was created for the Bohemia Interactive Game Jam in November 2019.

The game is programmed in C# and MonoGame.


How to play:


  • Control courageous paladins on the field of an emergency
  • Multiple paths to approach the situation
  • Disarm traps, fight or spread fires, contain ghouls
  • Interact with anything

Judges’ comments:

  • “I like that I can cooperate or control more characters with various skillsets.”
  • “Level design is important here, I liked that there were hints that foreshadow what I should do (like the front door is booby trapped).”

Source code:

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