I release my stories as CC-BY-40 and my games as GPL-3.0

I, Petr Hudeček, also working under the names Lesan, Oracions and Soothsilver, hereby release:

  • all of my released creative fiction (short stories; comic strips; novels) under CC BY 4.0. This means you are free to redistribute the stories anywhere you want, as long as you attribute me as the original author;
  • all of my released video games under GNU GPL 3.0. This means you are free to redistribute them anywhere you want, and you can create your own games based on my games, but if you do, then you must release those games under GNU GPL 3.0 as well.

Fiction and games that I’ve already released under a different license are unaffected. Primaeval Threat counts as fiction and not as a video game.

Some of my video games incorporate art, voice, music or sound effects from other copyright holders: they retain their copyright.

I collaborated on some games with other programmers: Contact Tracing Video Game is MIT; Deadlock Empire is GPL 2.0; and omegaGo is MIT.

If I release games or fiction in the future and don’t specify a license, and you want to reuse or redistribute, please make a best effort to contact me and ask; but if you can’t, assume I released them under CC-BY-4.0 and GNU GPL 3.0 and feel free to act accordingly.

The purpose of this declaration is to make sure my work doesn’t disappear from the internet. I don’t want potential archivists to worry about copyrights and I want my work to be preserved and enjoyed by all.

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